Mango Tree Minis are a specialist importer of Dolls House furniture and accessories. The collection of dolls houses and accessories is a popular adult pursuit. Many of our customers request modern furniture or antique furniture. Certain enthusiasts even desire to create minature replicas of their own houses and even the houses they grew up in. Our customers come to us with a range of requests, from fittings to fixtures to bespoke items.

Our clients tell us that once people discover dolls’ houses, they often become addicted and look to step away from their phones and social media and lose themselves in a fantasy world. Escape today with The Dollhouse Collector!

We have always put our customers first hand take great pride in our customer support and service.
All of our products have been carefully selected and developed therefore you can buy with confidence.

Mango Tree Minis

We’re Passionate About Bringing Your Dolls House to Life

We’ve built 100s of doll’s houses & love helping others create theirs.


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